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Joshua H. | No job title 5.0

Joshua recommends Joe to others  
2 weeks ago

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Caroline M. | No job title 5.0

Caroline recommends Joe to others  
3 weeks ago

Joe has always been there to help anyway I may need. After a 9 yr time with a recruiter that left the field, Joe is by far the closest to what I need as a recruiter. He has taken o. the difficult situation of a phlebotomist traveling with a CLS without missing a beat.

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Rebecca B. | No job title 2.2

1 month ago

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Melissa T. | Coordinator 4.8

Melissa recommends Joe to others  
1 month ago

Joe is awesome. He listens to my location and scheduling needs and always comes thru for me. I’ve rarely had any issues with a facility but he listens and always offers to contact them if I need. Thankfully, I haven’t, but I know he will be there for me. I’m quite experienced in my field and with traveling, so I feel like he understands and doesn’t need to check on me too often , but I know he a phone call away if I need him. He was most supportive when my grandfather passed away. I had 3 or 4 days left at a facility and he told me not too worry and to start heading home. It is great having a recruiter that understands and promotes family first.

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Jody B. | No job title 4.8

Jody recommends Joe to others  
2 months ago

Joe has been very helpful in two of my assignment. I am grateful to have him as my recruiter.

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Ryan M. | No job title 5.0

Ryan recommends Joe to others  
2 months ago

Joe is very personable and told me the things I need to hear from everyone that is going to have anything to do with my career. With so many jobs on the market and so few MT's and MLT's available, it is easy for staffing companies and staffing recruiters to get their cart before the horse that actually does 90-95% of the actual work. Not Joe however, he isn't just talking but I believe he is working diligently to find me a good job in a desirable place and I believe he will represent me well and support me when I'm on assignment and in a brand new environment. Plus, I didn't have to play any games back and forth simply to get to suitable compensation for my experience and my skill set. He is a smart, family man that enjoys making money but without sacrificing professional quality for a warm body that will accept less money. It seems like Joe supports the medical laboratory profession and maybe even more so then some actual lab professionals. Go with Joe, bro!

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Rose J. | No job title 4.8

1 month ago

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Elaine M. | No job title 5.0

Elaine recommends Joe to others  
4 days ago

I’ve been working with Joe for my last 6 assignments, and over 2.5 years after coming from another agency. I’m so happy that I did. He’s met my family and I in person while driving cross country and takes care of us and takes that whole dynamic into consideration while I’m on contract. My son even wants to talk to Mr Joe and say hi. He’s both professional and personal at the same time. I’m so glad he’s my recruiter, and wouldn’t want to change that.

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