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Designed to provide a boutique concierge experience, we help place physicians of all specialties and advanced practice providers like nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and nurse anesthetists in hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide—as well as support the multiple staffing needs of those facilities.

Our hands-on approach to locum tenens was created to seamlessly deliver best-in-class service to providers and facilities. We endeavor to be a partner that creates personalized workforce solutions mindful of your goals and in line with our founding beliefs.

Recent Reviews

Richard A. | Pharmacist, Pharmacy Manager 5.0

Richard recommends Leslie to others  
7 hours ago

Leslie was/is a billion times better than anyone could hope to get. I was going to recommend her to get her salary doubled, but that’s silly. She deserves a 10x salary increase and 50 weeks paid vacation per year with double time vacation pay. In other words she was GIANORMOUSLY AWESOME!

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Olushola M. | Physician 5.0

Olushola recommends Leslie to others  
3 weeks ago

Ms. Leslie Munn made a contact with me about this job assignment. I sent her my credentials package and she sent it to the Medical Director at Fort Lee immediately. My hotel was booked on time for my arrival in Virginia. She calls me periodically to ask how the job was going on and if i have any issues to discuss. She is a super recruiter if you understand what i mean.

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Holly I. | Physician 4.6

Holly recommends Ryan to others  
1 month ago

Most importantly, he was frank and transparent about everything--the job, situation, peripheral details, money, etc., including those aspects that were unknown or likely to be unpredictable (as some aspects of some job situations can be). He was knowledgeable. He did not withhold information or otherwise play 'negotiation' games. Because of this, I was comfortably able to commit quickly to a position even though it was far away and had many 'unknowables'. Also, he was quick with follow-up and sufficiently attentive with 'checking in' at appropriate intervals (both in the information-gathering stage and after committing and starting the job) without bombarding me with unnecessary or repetitive texts, emails, or calls. I would recommend him to any colleague. (Most recruiters are similarly professional and open these days, but you may be surprised that there are still some that approach the interaction in the vein of a used car salesman. I don't think they realize that it's both off-putting and immediately detectable.)

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Jeffrey H. | Medical Contractor 5.0

Jeffrey recommends Leslie to others  
1 month ago

I feel that she and I speak openly and directly about our needs and wishes. I know that she understands who I am, what motivates me, and that she will look out for me.

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Sean K. | Physician 5.0

Sean recommends Ryan to others  
1 month ago

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Susan T. | CRNA 4.6

Susan recommends Nick to others  
1 month ago

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Jeff B. | Physician 4.6

1 month ago

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EKONG E. | Hospitaliist 4.8

EKONG recommends Cindy to others  
1 month ago

She is a people person. If she can't solve it, she will find somebody who can!

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Rafi Y. | Physician 5.0

Rafi recommends Ryan to others  
1 month ago

Ryan has an exceptional ability as a consultant In the current role that Ryan presented me for, I find myself combining my experiences and interests from training and practice to day to day medicine along with a diversity of colleagues with various strengths. I am so proud to be part of the team, and hope to do the best I can in my capacity. Its truly a challenging duty and a privleged to work here. I don't think I could trade this in for anything, and my philosophy seems to have changed to that of transformation. How can I be an agent for that as others have been for me.

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John M. | Physician 5.0

John recommends Ryan to others  
1 month ago

Mr. Mau was very supportive with me, to the point of assuring that I was able to arrange transportation from the airport to my hotel destination, when I was unable to connect with Uber. He assured me that this out-of-pocket expense would be reimbursed if I could provide the receipt, which was only written on a business card from the taxi driver. I actually DID receive the reimbursement. (It WAS a legitimate expense...) Furthermore, Mr. Mau has stayed with me, by telephone, through two pay cycles, to make certain that I was able to submit my time card, or the electronic analogue in today's world, so that I could receive my pay for my services on the appropriate schedule. It appeared to me that Mr. Mau went above and beyond what would be required of someone whose original task was to find someone with my credentials and place me in contact with the proper employer. Thank you for this opportunity to express my gratitude for Mr. Mau's excellent service and continued support! John T. McDonnell, M.D.

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