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Vanessa Veloz reviewed by Moe B. | Cloud Administrator

Moe recommends Vanessa to others ✓

Vanessa is an amazing Recruiter. She assisted me with finding employment shortly before I relocated from Texas to Nevada. She provided additional information which helped my Wife and I in acclimating to the area. She did everything within her power to ensure the transition into my new was smooth. Above all she addressed every question or concern I had. She even assisted with my Wife's job hunt. She is beyond dedicated to ensuring the success of her Recruits. I couldn't have been more fortunate than to have encountered her while looking for a new start. She is truly a gem and an exemplary person.
Sandra Salinas reviewed by Salim R. | Product Owner / Project Manager

Salim recommends Sandra to others ✓

Sandra has been very open , available and informative in all my interactions with her
Amy Gregory reviewed by Fernando R. | Application Engineer

Fernando recommends Amy to others ✓

Amy is and always has been amazing. She helped me move on from a bad experience at one employer to find a better, more fitting position. She rocks.
Bruce Markizon reviewed by Benjamin Y. | Training & Implementation Specialist

Benjamin recommends Bruce to others ✓

Bruce was great, provide great information specifically on what information to put on my resume for this position.
Vanessa Veloz reviewed by Leonard H. | Project Manager

Leonard recommends Vanessa to others ✓

Vanessa, is a very talented recruiter; she is always very affable and knowledgeable about the details of the job description. I appreciate how she carefully maps out the objectives of the opportunity and shares her thoughts on how to handle interview questions. Thank You!
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