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Kristy Felix

Recruiter at EdgeLink
4.88 (40 total reviews)

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About Me

Recruiting since: 2020

I am passionate about partnering with top technical talent, matching with desirable next steps in their careers.

Having a solid foundation of how various technologies interact with the business, I really enjoy finding those key individuals to enhance an organization.

With a professional career spanning from Salt Lake City, Silicon Valley, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and New York City, partnering with several notable organizations, I am excited to return to my home state of Utah.

Why I love recruiting...

You! I enjoy partnering to find the next step in your career

When I'm not working, I love to...

I enjoy traveling, being an awesome Auntie, weekly yoga sessions and an active armchair quarterback, watching College football + NFL, September through February

Company Website:

Phone: 801-841-3091


Can I Help You?

Roles I recruit for: Big Data - Admin / Engineer / Developer / Architect / Managers Anything ranging from technician level through any discipline of engineering Information Technology Software Engineering Software Testing Software Development Help Desk, Desktop Support, Technical Support, Systems Administration and Engineering, Network Administration and Engineering, Software Engineering and Development, Business Analytics and Project Management Information Security IT Security

Areas I recruit In: Salt Lake City

Recent Reviews - Past 12 months

4.88 (40 recent reviews)

Anna N. | Software Engineer 5.0

Anna recommends Kristy to others  
3 weeks ago

Kristy has been very friendly and I really enjoyed all of our conversations. She was open and helpful all throughout my application process. Thank you Kristy!

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Kathy J. | Web Developer 5.0

Kathy recommends Kristy to others  
1 month ago

She's a very responsive, compassionate recruiter. I am very pleased with my experience with her!

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Ronald M. | Software Engineer 5.0

Ronald recommends Kristy to others  
4 months ago

Kristy was amazing, she always put my needs first and was super transparent and communicated about the process in a great way.

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Mike L. | Software Development Engineer 5.0

Mike recommends Kristy to others  
4 months ago

Kristy was a great help to me in the job search process. She helped connect me with a team that was a great fit, and also helped get the salary to the right level and some needed provisions in my contract. Although I didn't end up accepting the offer that I got, Kristy did all she could to make it happen and I'd be thrilled to work with her again.

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Seth B. | Software Engineer 5.0

Seth recommends Kristy to others  
5 months ago

Kristy was very knowledgeable when it came to what the different positions I might be qualified for, how my situation would work within those positions, and the requirements for the positions I was interested in. When we hit roadblocks she did what she could to remove them for me so I could get closer to an interview.

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Seth S. | Software Engineer 5.0

Seth recommends Kristy to others  
6 months ago

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Carter S. | Software Engineer 5.0

Carter recommends Kristy to others  
6 months ago

She really took the time to understand where I was at and what my real needs were moving forward. We initially connected over a job position, but she took a good extra 15-20 minutes to help me understand a little more about the views of recruiters and how they see certain aspects of resumes. This helped me pivot away from some professional decisions I had made which I now believe would have benefitted me very little in the long run. I could tell Kristy had what was best for me in mind, and was not just trying to sell me on any particular position. I'd hope to find recruiters just like her wherever I choose to apply in the future.

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Jordan C. | Software Engineer 5.0

Jordan recommends Kristy to others  
6 months ago

She was great! She knows the business and the issues that software engineers face when considering a new job opportunity. She has clearly taken the time to learn the market. It was obvious to me that she wanted to try to find the right fit rather than merely playing the numbers. Very refreshing for me.

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Jonathan R. | Software Engineer 5.0

Jonathan recommends Kristy to others  
6 months ago

Kristy was understanding in regards to what I was looking for in a position, and also understanding when I determined that now is not the time for me to make a move. She was easy to work with, and I'd work with her in the future.

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Jordan L. | Salesforce Administrator 5.0

Jordan recommends Kristy to others  
7 months ago

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