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Aaron Mills

Recruiter at EdgeLink
4.87 (37 reviews)

92% of reviewers highly recommend Aaron.






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About Me

Recruiting since: 1995

EdgeLink Birthdate: 03/08/2010

I'm happy, motivated and successful. I work hard to be an expert in my industry. I know the Colorado Market as well, or better than anyone. I talk to technology leaders every day. I meet with Colorado companies to understand their products, tech stacks, people, challenges, goals and to understand their culture. Then...I align myself with those that are building strong teams and have a bright future. I meet with Colorado companies constantly and I look for those that treat their people well and promote a positive work experience. I look for companies using modern technologies, and I look for leaders that people enjoy working for.

Then...I bring those opportunities to you.

Why I love recruiting...

I love to recruit because I can affect your life and career in a positive way. I love to learn about your ideal position. How you got to where you are today. The favorite aspects of your work. The least favorite parts of your job (and see if I can help you improve that area)
I love to 'not only' help you find the right company...but help you to get the right offer and salary. I love to help you through the interview process. where you are today. I love learning about the favorite aspects of your work, and see if we can build on that. I love to learn about the least favorite aspects of your job, then see if we can improve that. I love to help you throughout the interview and offer process.

I love to recruit because I know how important it is to hire and have the right people. It's one of THE most important factors to a companies success. I love to recruit because I know that I've made a difference for hundreds of Colorado companies over the years.
I love delivering great people to great leaders. I love working for hot companies, and I love knowing the technology industry.

When I'm not working, I love to...

Spend time with my wife and family. Lisa and I have been married for 28 years. We have 3 beautiful kids that are married, happy and successful in their own lives. I like remodeling our home. I enjoy our horses and cattle and I really enjoy working on my little ranch. I like the fishing, skiing, backpacking and horse camping.
I also like to learn...constantly. I like to read and listent to audio books. I love documentaries and biographies and history. I love NatGeo and the Discovery Channel. The NBA finals and NFL Football. I love to learn about the history of technology and how we got to where we are today

Company Website:

Phone: 720-259-0959


Can I Help You?

Specialties I recruit for: AI/Robotics/Machine Learning/Deep Learning/Nueral Networks. BigData/SWARM/Evolutionary Algorithms Information Security Software Development

Roles I recruit for: BigData, Hadoop/Spark Machine Learning, C++, Robotics Mobile Development Software Testing Software Development

Areas I recruit In: Fort Collins Colorado Springs Boulder, CO Denver, CO

Recent Reviews

Tyler T. | Engineer 4.6

Tyler recommends Aaron to others  
4 months ago

Working with Aaron has proven to be one of the best recruiting experiences I could have asked for. I really love my new found position and would gladly recommend working with him to anyone looking for a job in the tech sector.

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Ivan S. | Corporate Tech Support Analyst 5.0

Ivan recommends Aaron to others  
5 months ago

Aaron was genuinely kind and polite. He explained the job, asked constructive questions, and elaborated on all future steps in this application process. It was a pleasure talking to Aaron today.

Was this review helpful?

Steven C. | Senior Developer 5.0

Steven recommends Aaron to others  
7 months ago

I've used Aaron before in Job searches and helped me receive the job I'm at now. I appreciate the coaching, effort and care he put into helping us connect. He recently helped me as well with my current efforts with the same zeal and passion.

Was this review helpful?

Steven K. | Infrastructure Architect 5.0

9 months ago

Aaron's communication, transparency, empathy, and professionalism have by-far surpassed the typical recruiter experience. His dedication to making a win-win match for his client is evident. While I'm not sure how this opportunity will work out, I can say that working with Aaron gives me confidence that we'll reach the right outcome.

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Jeffrey J. | Principal Consultant 5.0

Jeffrey recommends Aaron to others  
10 months ago

Aaron really came through for me! Thanks Aaron!

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Ravi R. | Associate Director, Strategic Marketing & Training 5.0

Ravi recommends Aaron to others  
11 months ago

Aaron is very responsive and actively listens to me. Showed high empathy with a positive encouraging attitude

Was this review helpful?

Will W. | No job title 4.6

Will recommends Aaron to others  
1 year ago

Knowledgeable recruiter who knows the industry and knows how best to present you.

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Yoni E. | Software Engineer 5.0

Yoni recommends Aaron to others  
1 year ago

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Kenneth J. | Lead QA Engineer / SDET 5.0

Kenneth recommends Aaron to others  
1 year ago

Aaron provides a professional and astute interaction. His insight and transparency create a positive and efficacious recruiting process. Aaron sets a high bar for all agency personnel. Thanks: Ken

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Sameer T. | Sr. Mobile Developer 5.0

Sameer recommends Aaron to others  
1 year ago

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James B. | No job title 5.0

James recommends Aaron to others  
1 year ago

Aaron has gone above and beyond my expectations and I cannot speak too highly of him

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Matt B. | Software Engineer 5.0

Matt recommends Aaron to others  
3 days ago

Aaron does a wonderful job finding positions that match my skills and interests. He's quick to get things done and offers great advice along the way. He's taken much of the stress out of the job search!

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Hans M. | Founder / Creator / Creator 4.6

Hans recommends Aaron to others  
1 week ago

Aaron does an amazing job at understanding a candidate's needs and matching them up with suitable opportunities. He provides excellent guidance and motivation throughout the job search process and takes the time communicate often and clearly to make sure the candidate remains informed at every step. I always feel like I have an excellent advocate in Aaron.

Was this review helpful?

Eric A. | Software Engineer 4.0

1 month ago

We're only just getting started and so far the experience has been positive. He's responsive and seems to be putting the information I've given him together with open and potential positions.

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Felicia M. | Team Lead/Full Stack Software Developer/Engineer 5.0

Felicia recommends Aaron to others  
1 month ago

This is my second round of working with Aaron. My last job ended up being a great fit for me and I was so grateful Aaron was there to guide me. 3 years later I reached out because I trust Aaron and feel comfortable and confident he understand what I’m looking for. He never pressures, just listens and suggests which I greatly appreciate.

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AARON D. | QA Automation Engineer 5.0

AARON recommends Aaron to others  
2 months ago

Aaron's interaction reminds me of dealing with recruiters from about 20 to 25 years ago. It was more about knowledge and personal connection rather than just a straight marketing kind of position. Aaron is good at realizing what you do, and help to decide which company to submit you to.

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Jonathan H. | Senior Software Engineer 4.2

2 months ago

Aaron seemed to know the client fairly well, and understood my background. I haven't worked with him much, but it. has been a good start.

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JORDAN M. | Software Development Engineer 5.0

JORDAN recommends Aaron to others  
2 months ago

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