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CCS Construction Staffing

4.45 (1700 reviews)

90% highly recommend CCS Construction Staffing recruiters


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Headquarters: Charlotte, NC



Don’t have time to waste looking for a job? CCS can help. Our clients are searching for dependable tradesmen like you to work on construction sites throughout the United States. Start working right away – spend less time job searching, and more time earning income.

Recent Reviews

John C. | HVAC3 5.0

John recommends Charles to others  
2 years ago

Charles is the BEST recruiter I have ever worked with. Charles was able to immediately meet my needs, and I was offered a position that day. Charles really understands what each skilled trade can do. Charles is always available for phone calls, emails or texts. You can pose any question to Charles and he does not make you feel rushed. I really believe Charles understands people on a fundamental level. Charles casts a great shadow and others should lead by his example. Thank you Charles for everything you do for all of us each day!

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Dennis B. | PL3 5.0

Dennis recommends Charles to others  
1 month ago

I am very happy with how Charles handled my recruitment for my current job.

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Fritz C. | HVAC2 5.0

Fritz recommends Charles to others  
1 month ago


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Jeffrey S. | PL2 5.0

Jeffrey recommends TJ to others  
1 month ago

I have been trying pretty hard to get a job in the new construction industry and TJ has provided me with an opportunity to work as a Plumber's Helper. I have really enjoyed TJ's level of patience with me in filling out the paperwork for CCS. I think that TJ cares about the people he is recruiting to work for CCS. I do think the paperwork for a new hire is too complicated so somebody needs to help out TJ and simplify the process somehow.

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Kelly F. | EL2 5.0

Kelly recommends Aaron to others  
1 month ago

Aaron done a fine job.

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Charles H. | PL3 5.0

Charles recommends Aaron to others  
1 month ago

Aaron was very helpful stayed on the job at finding me work every day and did an awesome job glad to have him on my team

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Steven B. | PL3 5.0

Steven recommends Brent to others  
1 month ago

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Shane S. | EL3 5.0

Shane recommends Brent to others  
1 month ago

He helped me ina timely manner with pandemic going on

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William H. | PL3 5.0

William recommends David to others  
1 month ago

Very professional and courtesy.

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Catlin C. | PL3 5.0

Catlin recommends TJ to others  
1 month ago

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Jeremy M. | PL3 4.8

Jeremy recommends Earl to others  
1 month ago

Earl found a spot for me on a commercial project that was an ideal match given my skill set, experience and desired compensation. He worked diligently to ascertain which available position that needed filling was in the closest proximity to me, making sure that I had the competency to understand and ability to perform the job requirements entailed. I've been able to thrive as an essential part of the team to which I was assigned as well as challenged to perform at my highest possible level of expeditiousness.

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Industries Served

  • Industrial Construction
  • Commercial Construction
  • construction


Corporate HQ

3600 North Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC 28206
United States