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About Me

Recruiting since: 1998

Brightwing Birthdate: 01/20/2000

I have 20+ years of recruiting experience mainly in Finance and I.T.

I am an enthusiastic supporter of the city of Detroit and its sports teams (especially the Red Wings); with a love for all things Michigan!

Why I love recruiting...

I love helping people find a job they love

When I'm not working, I love to...

Visiting all the great restaurants and bars in Detroit, traveling, going to up north Michigan

Company Website: https://www.gobrightwing.com

Phone: 248-585-4750 ext 444


Can I Help You?

Specialties I recruit for: Healthcare Financial automotive

Roles I recruit for: Accounting Administrative Instructional Design Financial Human Resources Technical Support Network Administrators iOS Developers Web Developers

Areas I recruit In: Greater Detroit area

Recent Reviews

Catherine R. | IT Project Manager 5.0

Catherine recommends Justin to others  
1 year ago

I have worked with Justin in the past. He placed me at a great position a couple of years ago and this is why I reached out to him to ask him to help me with my new job search. He is always upbeat, friendly, and knows the industry very well. I trust him as a recruiter and appreciate his help with my job search.

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Lisa H. | Senior Project Manager/Agile Team Facilitator - Bi 5.0

Lisa recommends Justin to others  
1 year ago

Justin may be the best recruiter I've ever spoken with. He was knowledgeable, and extremely personable. He was very people-centered, meaning he definitely put my needs and career first, which is very refreshing to hear that viewpoint from a recruiter. I look forward to working with Justin.

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Robert S. | IT Change Management 5.0

Robert recommends Justin to others  
2 years ago

I've been working with Justin off and on for the past 5 years. He's been such a kind and caring person towards me at all times. He placed me at my last job and I wasn't even looking for a job at the time. He remembered my resume and when a job came across my desk that he felt I was a good candidate for, he contacted me. I would have no problem putting my trust in Justin knowing that I'll get a genuine person who's really there to help me out.

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Rocky M. | Regional Technical Engineer 5.0

Rocky recommends Justin to others  
2 years ago

Looking for a job is tough, I mean your in a position where you have to explain to a hiring manager why your the one and he/she have found their guy. Mentally you have to prepare your self for adjusting to new cultures and all the excitement that comes with getting a new job. Justin, was and has been friendly,prompt,professional and honest. He has truly made this experience more relaxed and exciting, giving solid advice and paying close attention to what your looking for in a new position.

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Jennifer R. | Property Staff Accountant 5.0

Jennifer recommends Justin to others  
4 months ago

Justin is different than any other recruiter I have dealt with. He was very personable and more interested in my career goals than just putting me in a position I may not thrive it. He made me feel confident about where I am at in my career. He was absolutely amazing and by far the best! Would recommend 100%!

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Zane G. | IT specialist 5.0

Zane recommends Justin to others  
2 years ago

Justin is not your typical recruiter. You will realize after talking to him for less than 5 minutes that he is different than what you are used to. Justin genuinely cares about you! He will go that extra mile for you, be there when you have questions, or if you just need to talk. He understands the human component that is often times lacking in the recruiting industry. He really tries to get to know you as a person and while incredibly professional in his role, treats you like a friend. Great recruiter, but more importantly a great person. Highly recommend him for helping you achieve your career goals. This recruiter gets it!

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Sven V. | IT Support Specialist 5.0

Sven recommends Justin to others  
2 years ago

Justin is not your average recruiter that is only out there for their own gain. He truly cares about getting you a job that fits you, and goes above and beyond to achieve this. Thanks to Justin I have an absolutely fantastic job that I thoroughly enjoy, and he is the first person I will reach out to should I ever be on the market again.

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Glen S. | Network Administrator 5.0

Glen recommends Justin to others  
2 years ago

Justin is a recruiter who understands perfectly the plight of the IT consultant, and offers a wealth of industry knowledge to help jobseekers navigate the job search. His years of IT recruiting experience allow him to offer unique insight to the applicant, and he does a wonderful job of making the applicants interests of the highest priority. Above all his sense of humor brings a note of levity to the otherwise stressful process of finding a job. As someone who has worked with recruiters from several agencies, I can confidently say that Justin is among the greats.

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Stephanie K. | Clinical Nurse Manager, Registered Nurse 5.0

Stephanie recommends Justin to others  
2 years ago

I am very impressed with Justin, we had a difficult time connecting during the week due to my chaotic schedule and he took time away from his family on a Sunday to go over this job opportunity with me! Very impressed!

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Jack L. | Account Executive 5.0

Jack recommends Justin to others  
1 year ago

Justin did a great job. He took his time with me to understand my background and helped me to highlight my skills and augment my resume to help me find better job placement. He helped me to understand his role and mine, and made me feel comfortable about the job search prospects. It is evident that he has been in this field for a long time, and anyone using his services will be very satisfied. He will be the first person I recommend to anyone searching for work in Michigan.

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Christy G. | Accounts Payable Analyst 5.0

Christy recommends Justin to others  
1 week ago

I think Justin had a very good idea of why I'm looking and he understands what my needs are from an employee. I enjoyed speaking with Justin and I look forward to working with him.

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Mark M. | Product Manager 5.0

Mark recommends Justin to others  
1 week ago

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Barbara D. | Sr. Accountant 5.0

Barbara recommends Justin to others  
2 weeks ago

It has been positive. I feel he understand me and wants to help in my job search.

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Kristin W. | Sr. Accountant 5.0

Kristin recommends Justin to others  
2 weeks ago

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Ashton P. | Accounts Payable Specialist, Payroll Clerk 5.0

Ashton recommends Justin to others  
3 weeks ago

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Mildred C. | Bookkeeper 4.4

Mildred recommends Justin to others  
3 weeks ago

Of course, he wants to get a opportunity for me, and offer me the Moon! He gets my situation and is looking for any opportunities that could utilize my experience! He is awesome, you are lucky to have such a courteous, experienced, professional recruiter on your Team! Just hope something pops quickly

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Crystal S. | HR Generalist 4.4

4 weeks ago

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Rahima B. | HR Administrative Assistant 5.0

Rahima recommends Justin to others  
1 month ago

My experience with Justin was great. He took the time to speak with me about other positions that may be open in the future and seems like he genuinely cares!

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Rosemarie Z. | Administrative Assistant 5.0

Rosemarie recommends Justin to others  
1 month ago

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Stacey N. | Office Administrator/Bookkeeping 5.0

Stacey recommends Justin to others  
2 months ago

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