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About Me

Recruiting since: 2013

I am currently a recruiter and team lead that work on a variety of MSP accounts such as FCA, Mercedes Benz Financial Services, VW, Toyota, etc. I have worked at Brightwing for almost 7 years. The primary areas that I focus in are engineering, supply chain, manufacturing supervisory, and automotive business related opportunities. I thoroughly enjoy what I do and helping people towards new opportunities and the next step in their career.

Why I love recruiting...

I enjoy coaching people through the process. This includes making the appropriate match towards a position based on their skillset, resume details, interiew prep and also mentorship for candidates who are searching for advice or need help towards making the right decision.

Company Website: https://www.gobrightwing.com

Phone: 248-585-4750 ext 430


Can I Help You?

Specialties I recruit for: purchasing manufacturing supply chain finance business Information Technology Engineering

Roles I recruit for: purchasing supply chain Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering

Areas I recruit In: Auburn Hills, MI

Recent Reviews

Koron D. | Operations Supervisor 5.0

Koron recommends Julia to others  
2 years ago

Julia is very professional and personable at the same time. She always follows up within 24hrs of anything that I ask and if she doesn't know she will direct me to who can help me. Very good at what she does, she is a huge plus to any situation.

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Sumeet C. | Engineer Electrical 5.0

Sumeet recommends Julia to others  
2 years ago

Julia was extremely professional in informing me about the engineering roles that she presented me. She was quick in discussing all the options salary wise and submitted my CV to the roles with dispatch.

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David I. | Prototype Engineer 5.0

David recommends Julia to others  
2 years ago

Since first contact, working with Julia has been an absolute pleasure. She is incredibly personable, clear and timely in communication, and readily sharing of knowledge and insight when needed. The stressful and unpredictable process of job hunting is only made easier and more productive by working with Julia. She is a true professional and I encourage job seekers to connect with her as early in the job search as possible.

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Jaaron S. | Business Process Manager 5.0

Jaaron recommends Julia to others  
2 years ago

I had a great experience with Julia from start to finish. Provided resources and support whenever I needed it. I couldn't have asked for more support throughout all of moments during the beginning of my professional career.

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Brett R. | Unspecified 5.0

Brett recommends Julia to others  
2 years ago

Julia is very nice and very professional. With every question or issue, she has bent over backwards for me.

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Harsha P. | Intern 4.0

Harsha recommends Julia to others  
1 year ago

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Brianna J. | VAVE/Mechanical Engineer 5.0

Brianna recommends Julia to others  
2 days ago

Julia has been a pleasure to work with so far! She is very friendly and easy to talk to. She is extremely transparent with how the contracts/positions work, and she seems very knowledgable about the positions we have discussed. I would definitely recommend Julia. I feel like she is truly trying to help and is a great resource for me in my job search.

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Ahmad F. | Supply Chain 5.0

Ahmad recommends Julia to others  
1 week ago

Julia is a super professional recruiter that listens carefully to the candidates needs and the field they are interested in. Julia helped me get many interviews with FCA and also some tips on their interview process and always looking out for me to get me something.

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Donald H. | Production Team Leader 5.0

Donald recommends Julia to others  
1 week ago

Julia was beyond helpful!! She got me a interview at a company that is one of the main competitors of the company I work for that lined up well with my resume and also for a promotion from my current position, this all happened within 3 days I have the interview tomorrow. Anything to know or help me she provided me with, wish we had more people like her in this field

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Puneet K. | Senior Quality Engineer 5.0

Puneet recommends Julia to others  
2 weeks ago

Very professional in her approach. Clear all doubts I have before proceeding the application process.

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JEFF C. | Interior Trim Product Engineer 5.0

JEFF recommends Julia to others  
2 weeks ago

Julia is working with FCA on an engineering position for me. She has given me very positive motivation. Her good attitude will help me put forth a good impression in my interview.

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Wardah M. | Dyno systems Engineer Intern 4.8

Wardah recommends Julia to others  
3 weeks ago

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JESSICA C. | Senior Graphic Designer 5.0

JESSICA recommends Julia to others  
3 weeks ago

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Jonathan E. | Dynamometer Assembler/Technician 5.0

Jonathan recommends Julia to others  
3 weeks ago

To say that Julia was helpful is an understatement. When I spoke with her, I could feel that she genuinely cared to help me reach my career goals. I only wish that I had met her earlier!

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Dennis T. | Flooring Associate 5.0

Dennis recommends Julia to others  
1 month ago

Very good overall experience.

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Kenley A. | IT Analyst 5.0

Kenley recommends Julia to others  
1 month ago

She helped me thoroughly and is very easy to talk to. She understood my circumstances and worked with me throughout the entire process. I can happily say that I am thankful she helped me out and I'm on my way to start off my career! Thanks to Julia!

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