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Katt Jorgensen

Recruiter at BridgeView
4.7 (145 reviews)

97% of reviewers highly recommend Katt.






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About Me

Recruiting since: 2014

BridgeView Birthdate: 08/13/2018

Katt grew up in San Diego and moved out to Denver 10 years ago and has made Colorado her home ever since. She graduated from Regis University with a degree in Education. Katt enjoys building relationships with candidates and making the perfect match with our clients. When not working, Katt can be found hiking throughout Colorado or traveling as much as possible these days.

Why I love recruiting...

I enjoy being in the business of helping people and assisting them in their careers to where they want to go.

When I'm not working, I love to...

Enjoy the outdoors, live music, traveling, and working out.

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Phone: 303-532-4280


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Recent Reviews

Lisa K. | Candidate 4.8

Lisa recommends Katt to others  
6 months ago

I was recommended to Katt from a friend. Before I could even take the time to send her an email she had called me. I am so impressed with how on top of the situation Katt is. And she also took the time to help me personalize my resume for the job opportunity we are discussing. We need more recruiters like her.

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Roarke P. | Senior SharePoint Developer 5.0

Roarke recommends Katt to others  
7 months ago

Katt has been fabulous to partner with considering her ability to balance being thorough while simultaneously quick and decisive. Her transparency and keen sense for determining good fits positions her perfectly for recruitment. Finally, her personable approach gives the strong assurance that placing the right folks in the right jobs is nothing short of guaranteed. Thanks Katt!

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Tasia M. | Owner/Primary Consultant 5.0

Tasia recommends Katt to others  
8 months ago

One of the better recruiters I have talked to in a long time. Very knowledgeable and a great understanding of the customers needs.

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Nicholas D. | MANAGER, Global IT Service Operations 5.0

Nicholas recommends Katt to others  
1 year ago

Kat was very nice and professional. She provided great information and helped me to move forward. She also represented the company she was hiring for in a protective and professional manner to get them the best candidate possible.

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SCOTT J. | Senior Division Network Engineer 5.0

SCOTT recommends Katt to others  
1 year ago

My best experience dealing with a recruiter. She has been very positive and supportive. Thank you Katt.

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Damian B. | Data Architect 4.8

Damian recommends Katt to others  
1 year ago

Katt's been incredible on the whole interview process, always helping with getting prepare and got some really good tips that worked out great during the interview with the client

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Beverly F. | Senior Unix System Administrator 4.8

Beverly recommends Katt to others  
1 year ago

She was very helpful, kind and professional in our phone conversations. When we got to the process of dealing with all the paperwork after I received an offer, she was extremely helpful and knowledgeable with all of that. I was a bit of a pest, but she was very responsive and patient and I really appreciated that.

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Sarah H. | Candidate 5.0

Sarah recommends Katt to others  
2 years ago

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Benjamin G. | SQL Database development and maintenance 5.0

Benjamin recommends Katt to others  
1 day ago

Very friendly and helpful, I have high hopes I will receive an offer from the company she referred me to.

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Serteria S. | Candidate 5.0

Serteria recommends Katt to others  
5 days ago

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George W. | M&A Project Manager and Data Strategist 4.6

George recommends Katt to others  
1 week ago

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Steve P. | Project Manager 4.2

Steve recommends Katt to others  
2 weeks ago

My experience with Katt has been very positive. She has been very professional while still adding a personal touch. I felt as though Katt was interested in placing the right person in the right position not just throwing things up to see what sticks.

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GERARDO C. | Vice President, Production Support Manager 5.0

GERARDO recommends Katt to others  
1 month ago

Katt has a very friendly disposition. She is able to communicate and articulate the job requirements effectively. She is very personable as well. She was able to ask the right questions to gather my background to see if it was a match. She is very intelligent and understands the role requirements and as a result was able to present a viable candidate to her client. She also has a great sense of humor.

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Anton Y. | Software Engineer and Integrator 4.8

Anton recommends Katt to others  
1 month ago

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Carol C. | Candidate 5.0

Carol recommends Katt to others  
3 weeks ago

If you're looking or an amazing recruiter, she is the one for the job. Katt is an extremely knowledgeable, efficient and resourceful recruiter who is passionate about recruiting. Her approach to recruitment is more than just getting the job done, I recommend her to all jobseekers.

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Kent M. | N/A 5.0

Kent recommends Katt to others  
1 month ago

Katt listened so that she could understand what I was looking for

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JOSHUA F. | R&D Software Engineer 5.0

JOSHUA recommends Katt to others  
2 months ago

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Robert S. | Systems Administrator 4.2

Robert recommends Katt to others  
2 months ago

Katt listened to what I was looking for in my career and offered up an opportunity in line with that goal.

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