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Benchmark Tech Recruitment

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With over 25 years of combined Recruitment experience in Vancouver’s Tech sector, the passion for our profession, candidates and clients, still grows stronger day by day. Having spent many years working for some of Vancouver’s most recognized Tech Recruitment Agencies, we’ve observed, listened to and identified what our clients and candidates want most from an agency partner. With that in mind, we created Benchmark Tech Recruitment; a boutique recruitment agency that leverages our vast experience, and professional networks to employ a simplified delivery process that puts the focus back on the Customer Experience.

We partner with clients across the Lower Mainland to help them source, screen, hire and retain some of Vancouver’s top talent for all their IT needs. From the newest and most exciting startups to midsize and enterprise employers, Benchmark is positioned to help with your staffing needs whether permanent employment, contract, or contract-to-hire.

At Benchmark, we embrace the next generation of recruitment by providing our staff with industry leading tools and empower them with the autonomy to find a work life balance that their families deserve.

Recent Reviews

Danuta J. | Senior QA Analyst 4.6

Danuta recommends Dean to others  
11 months ago

I have been working with Dean on different contracting opportunities for over 4 years. He contacts me when he comes across an opportunity he thinks would be interesting to me. He is forthcoming with any information that might be important to me and I have found him to be genuine and 'not playing games' (which I consider very important!). When we were working on a specific contract, he was prompt with all of the paperwork and kept me informed about all of the steps I needed to follow. He tried to resolve any issues I had or found someone who could resolve it for me. Overall I find working with Dean to be straight forward, clear, genuine, positive experience!

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Caprice W. | Business Analyst 5.0

Caprice recommends Dean to others  
11 months ago

Dean was by far the best recruiter I have worked with in my Analyst career to date. He reviewed my credentials, spoke with me to get a better understanding of what I was looking for and found me a great career match. He is open, honest, an excellent communicator and I really feel he listens to his clients. I look forward to working with Dean again in a few years when I am ready for career growth or movement in the IT industry. I highly recommend Dean to anybody who asks me if I have worked with a recruiter.

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Marilyn E. | Senior Programmer Analyst 5.0

Marilyn recommends Jeremy to others  
10 months ago

I really like Jeremy’s professionalism and his prompt responses to all my inquiries. I also like the way that he handled recruitment in that it wasn’t a hard sell, that he is desperate for you to take the position they are offering, hence, you won’t feel irritated or badgered in the process. I also like the fact that he followed up on my career choice after his placement of me.

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Ghasem N. | Senior Software Engineer 5.0

Ghasem recommends Jeremy to others  
10 months ago

Highly recommended. I worked with Jeremey and was greatly satisfied with his professional and friendly behaviour and frequent follow ups. Keep up the good work Jeremy :-)

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Brenda S. | Business development manager 4.8

Brenda recommends Kim to others  
10 months ago

Kim was great to deal with. She was direct, honest and positive. I felt heard and respected immediately. Interesting to note that if I had seen the job posted I probably would have passed over it. Kim was able to connect the UNSPOKEN parts of the role with what my strengths are. She sold me to the employer and sold the role and employer to me. I’ve been in this role now for nearly a year and it’s exactly what I had interpreted it to be based on Kim’s intro about it. Another cool fact is I wasn’t really shopping for a new job! She found me. Best decision ever. Appreciate Kim’s professional skill in this connection.

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Raul B. | Senior Business Systems Analyst 5.0

Raul recommends Connor to others  
10 months ago

Connor’s communication skills and top notch, I’m also impressed with the timeliness of his replies and the clear and concise way he provides feedback and communicates next steps during the screening and hiring process.

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Mengting L. | Staff S/W Engineer in Test 5.0

Mengting recommends Connor to others  
1 week ago

Connor is an awesome recruiter, who has provided help at the level that I have never experienced before. He communicated with me regarding the job status daily, with great amount of details, and he went extra miles to make things go smoothly. I am very glad to have the opportunity to work with him. Many many thanks!

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Neall I. | Technology Learning Specialist 5.0

Neall recommends Rajan to others  
2 weeks ago

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EUGENE recommends Rajan to others  
4 weeks ago

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James L. | Implementation and Cut-over Project Manager (Contract) 5.0

James recommends Rajan to others  
4 weeks ago

As we navigate this crisis with companies changing projects, putting projects on hold, or planning for the future having a connection with an experienced recruiter like Rajan is invaluable. I would highly recommend Rajan not just for other professionals for recruitment purposes, but also clients seeking to connect with a professional to help find you the right experience, fit and value for your organization. As restrictions change in response to the positive resolution to this crisis organizations that are adapting to make changes to their businesses will see an increased demand for talent. This is going to be a huge factor driving a very highly competitive race for organizations to quickly secure talent for their next projects. It's always good to have a trusted advisor, and when it comes to recruitment that is who Rajan is for me.

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Mayra P. | Senior Product Designer 5.0

Mayra recommends Dean to others  
1 month ago

Dean has been a great coach in my journey of searching for the right position and company culture fit. I'm very grateful for his tips and recommendations to give my best during interviews.

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Frauke S. | Business Intelligence Project Analyst 4.4

Frauke recommends Rajan to others  
1 month ago

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Wayne M. | Project Manager at lululemon 4.8

Wayne recommends Rajan to others  
1 month ago

Raj is very conscientious and follows up immediately when there is an opportunity. I find that he encourages me to work with him as he ends up being the first recruiter to contact me about an opportunity and that attentiveness helps me believe that he and his organization are working the hardest to put me in front.

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Eugene S. | Senior system engineer 5.0

Eugene recommends Rajan to others  
1 month ago

All I can say he is a professional:)

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Saffi G. | Program Manager 5.0

Saffi recommends Dean to others  
2 months ago

Dean has been very helpful. He understood the job opening well. He explained the opportunity in detail and the expectations of the employer.

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KURIAN M. | SAP Program Manager 4.8

KURIAN recommends Rajan to others  
2 months ago

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