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Joseph Swanson reviewed by Amanda E. | Candidate

Amanda recommends Joseph to others ✓

Joseph was very consistent during my time with him. He followed up with me in a timely manner and seemed knowledgeable about the job.
Cheyanne Brewer reviewed by Michael M. | Journeyman ironworker / Assembly

Michael recommends Cheyanne to others ✓

She has been the most help I've ever had in the finding work process period🙂 completely helpfully as well as polite and professional Im very impressed with the whole company because of her 👍
Andrew Brown reviewed by Jack K. | Operator

Jack recommends Andrew to others ✓

Andrew was very kind and helpful and very thorough and has got me steered in the right direction for employment👍
Korrine Jenkins reviewed by Michael C. | Supply tech

Michael recommends Korrine to others ✓

Corrine was very professional. She communicated all the details and information in a timely manner. I will definitely refer others to your agency when ever possible!
Tara Munoz reviewed by Evan R. | Sanitation specialist

Evan recommends Tara to others ✓

She did really well at explaining the job and the duties involved. She was very knowledgeable of the job and if there was anything she didn't know, she found the answer a reported back to me.
Tara Munoz reviewed by Lourrie B. | Accounting Associate

Lourrie recommends Tara to others ✓

Tara helped me out a lot with my job search. She looked out for jobs that is suitable for me and what I asked for. I highly recommend working with her!
Tara Munoz reviewed by Wm B. | Salesperson

Wm recommends Tara to others ✓

Tara. She is upbeat, positive and enjoyable to work with as a recruiter! She listens to me and is genuine in her desire to assist and help me in my process to seek a new career. I most certainly would recommend her to anybody seeking a new career.
Tara Munoz reviewed by Mary T. | Candidate

Mary recommends Tara to others ✓

Tara has been extremely helpful I am relocating from Washington to MN/WI area her assistance in finding a job will be key for finding the right fit for me. Thank you in advance for the help.
Tara Munoz reviewed by Jeff B. | Operations Manager

Jeff recommends Tara to others ✓

I initially applied for a position that I later learned had been filled but Tara reached out just a few days later with another opportunity and I am not interviewing with the employer for an even better opportunity. She provided me with a detailed view of the company's needs as well as their history and culture. I feel more prepared for this interview than any other in my past thanks to Tara.
Hilary Chester reviewed by Mary Z. | Candidate

Mary recommends Hilary to others ✓

Hilary was awesome to work with. She answered any and all questions I may have had. She also made sure to follow up with me with every step of the process from application to my first day on the job at my new position. 100% would recommend her to anyone looking for a job through Doherty Top Talent.
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