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Kassandra Sanchez reviewed by Elizabeth S. | Candidate

Elizabeth recommends Kassandra to others ✓

Kassandra has been extremely helpful throughout my entire hiring process!! She is very patient and understanding making sure to answer all my questions and even making sure to assist me with directions to the required locations the times I've needed help. She's someone I'd definitely work with again and I'm very grateful for all the aid she's given, I'd like to say thank you so much, Kassandra, for being there every step of the way of helping me get my job I really appreciate it. :)
Aubrey Chaires reviewed by Connie S. | Candidate

Connie recommends Aubrey to others ✓

Aubrey was extremely friendly & professional. She was very understanding of my specific goal to work in a office setting with a family style dynamic. She even reassured me of all my concerns. A real motivator! I REALLY enjoyed working with her!
Shenoa Larson reviewed by Patrick S. | Candidate

Patrick recommends Shenoa to others ✓

Shenoa did a really great job following up with me and was very encouraging when it came time for my interview(s).
Beth Sargeant reviewed by Keelee F. | Candidate

Keelee recommends Beth to others ✓

Absolutely wonderful to work with, and extremely helpful. As well as forgiving of my forgetfulness in a stressful time.
Aubrey Chaires reviewed by Keith L. | Facilities Maintenance

Keith recommends Aubrey to others ✓

Aubrey has been very helpful by providing me information about the prospective company that really helped in deciding whether it was what I was looking for in an employer. She gave insights that made the process productive and successful. Her follow up has made me feel that I matter.
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