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At Atlas Staffing, we care about people. Our goal is to be a partner in your job search; that means looking beyond just your resume and seeking to understand the type of work YOU are interested in. Whether you are looking for entry-level, managerial, or somewhere in between, Atlas Staffing is here to help. We work with a variety of reputable clients in the Spokane, Yakima, and Boise areas and we would love the opportunity to help you find your next job.

Recent Reviews

Anthony A. | Candidate 4.2

Anthony recommends Nick to others  
3 months ago

Very Positive. Nick sincerely follows through with action to back up his words. He listened to Me and responded in a timely manner, to address any of my questions or concernes. It is very nice to talk to an actual person, rather than constantly being redirected and bounced link-to-link, website to website...while job searching.

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Brekel D. | Candidate 5.0

Brekel recommends Alex to others  
4 months ago

Alex was very prompt and friendly with me during my interview and immediately found a job for me, she even offered to contact a job that I was looking into even though it seemed unsure if they had enough hours to cover a new employee. Very nice person.

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Jacob P. | Professional/ Managerial 5.0

Jacob recommends Elijah to others  
4 months ago

Although the job search has been frustrating and the job fairs I attended did not meet my needs, Elijah was a breath of fresh air. Although the needs of my search are not easily met, Elijah was great at providing honesty, transparency, and realistic expectations that could have added to my frustration. However, her approach delivering the information left me aware of what my expectations were and somehow still hopefully optimistic. At the conclusion of our discussion she suggested a position that more closely matched my needs and helped me get the ball rolling right away. The odds were not in our favor, yet I felt good about our discussion and the opportunity Elijah helped me find. Thank you for your sincere efforts, Jacob Percy

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Kevin W. | Candidate 5.0

Kevin recommends Terrence to others  
5 months ago

Terrence is an excellent staff member and professional at Atlas. He made sure that all of my needs were meant when it comes to filling position in employment. At the same time he offered his input based on my resume what would best fit me when it comes to assigning me to a job as a result I now have the position that I have been looking for and hopefully with my performance on the job it will turn into a permanent position thank you Terrence thank you Atlas

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Leticia P. | Candidate 5.0

Leticia recommends Celena to others  
5 months ago

Celena was very pleasant to speak with and she is very professional. My time speaking to her over the phone was a very fast and easy, she is so polite and shows interest in the needs of the person on the other end of the line. I would highly recommend this agency because of team members like her that make the experience a very pleasant one.

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SCOTT B. | Candidate 5.0

SCOTT recommends Lyzette to others  
4 months ago

Lyzette made my experience with Atlas staffing very comfortable and confident. Comfortable because she was there with me every step of the way answering questions and explaining things to me in a way that I could understand. When I called she never got irritated or put me on hold. If I left a message she always got in touch with me usually within 5 - 15 minutes and had answers ready for me. Confident because she made thee experience mine. She let me make my own decisions and stood behind my choices letting me know that she felt they were the right ones. She boosted my confidence by expressing how skillful I was and that i could manage at any position in my field of expertise. There isnt a better experience looking for a job that I remember being better than this one and I owe a lot of that to Lyzette. She is an awesome recruiter. Understanding, helpful, patient, to the point and professional. 2 thumbs up!!!

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Sandy H. | Candidate 5.0

Sandy recommends Jamie to others  
5 months ago

Jamie has been attentive with each encounter and was very pleasant and efficient on our phone call. I really appreciate her following through and responding to my messages quickly. Being a candidate seeking employment makes me vulnerable to a recruiter's integrity so I'm very thankful she seems to sincerely care about this application process for me.

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Roy S. | Candidate 5.0

Roy recommends Krislyn to others  
6 months ago

Krislyn was awesome to work with and was very understanding of my needs and requests for the jobs that I was looking to get into. I really appreciate her also contacting all the jobs and doing her best to get me placed somewhere I will enjoy, and doing so in such a quick manner. Thanks Krislyn!

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Kyle Y. | Candidate 5.0

Kyle recommends Colleen to others  
6 months ago

Colleen was efficient at giving information on the job as well as surveying for why I may be a potential valuable candidate to the employer. She made the process painless and was easy to talk to while maintaining a professional attitude, going over important topics which made me feel knowledgeable and confident about what I needed to do. I would definitely recommend her and Atlas Staffing to someone looking for a job.

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Nick L. | Groups / Chartes Coordinator, reservations manager 4.8

Nick recommends Austin to others  
6 months ago

This has been the best experience I have had with any staffing agency ever. Austin was looking out for me from the first time we spoke. I feel indebted to him on so many levels for the hard work he did. Then when we finally meet and he has tattoos (that are covered as it is a work environment), I knew that my thoughts about him as a person were correct. He is a great person. Dedicated to his craft. Understood ALL of my concerns and allowed me to be 100% honest when it came to a job search. He was empathetic towards my current needs and challenges. He is incredibly humble as well which was a delight to witness and feel. He really cranked a home run and I am super grateful to call him a friend now!! If I ever am in a position that I need another position (hopefully never), I will be reaching out to him immediately!!!

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Brian B. | Picker 5.0

Brian recommends Brett to others  
1 week ago

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Ryan T. | Candidate 5.0

Ryan recommends Brett to others  
1 week ago

Very professional .Easy to talk to

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Mike B. | Mechanical Inspector I 4.8

Mike recommends Joanna to others  
6 days ago

Joanna stayed in touch with me frequently and was very positive and upfront.

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Zachary C. | Supervisor and Maintenance Technician 5.0

Zachary recommends Joanna to others  
1 week ago

Joanna was very nice and demonstrated an above and beyond knowledge about the employers and positions we spoke about. It’s clear that she is looking out for the well-being and long term success of us job seekers

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Lynn L. | Billing Specialist 5.0

Lynn recommends Brett to others  
2 days ago

Brett has been awesome! He is very helpful and positive.

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Karly E. | Candidate 4.0

Karly recommends Celena to others  
6 days ago

Celena made the process super fun and easy I’m really enjoying working with her through this process.

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Frederick H. | Candidate 5.0

Frederick recommends Jamie to others  
1 week ago

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Bryant Y. | Team Member 4.4

Bryant recommends Nick to others  
1 week ago

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Howard C. | Crew Member 5.0

Howard recommends Terrence to others  
1 week ago

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Mary W. | Administrative assistant / receptionist 5.0

Mary recommends Nick to others  
1 week ago

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Industries Served

  • Maintenance Technicians
  • CNC
  • Assembly
  • Administrative/Clerical
  • Call Centers
  • Welding & Fabrication
  • Production
  • Warehouse
  • Light Industrial



1300 S Maple Grove Rd
Boise, ID 83709
United States


2405 W Washington
Suit 100
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920 N. Argonne Rd.
Suite 130
Spokane, WA 99212
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PO Box 28338
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