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Michael Von Dollen

Recruiter at Atlas MedStaff
4.95 (32 reviews)

97% of reviewers highly recommend Michael.






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Cindy R. | ICU 5.0

Cindy recommends Michael to others  
1 month ago

Michael has been a outstanding recruiter since I started with my traveling career. I love the fact that he makes himself available and is able to answer all my questions and if he doesn’t know, he does what it takes to find out the answer. He has really made this traveling experience an easy one for me.

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Shiloh Vi C. | MedSurg 5.0

Shiloh Vi recommends Michael to others  
1 month ago

He’s a nice and awesome person!

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Jessica B. | PCU 5.0

Jessica recommends Michael to others  
1 month ago

Michael truly is a one of a kind guy. Great person overall who takes the time to talk with you and help you in any way he can. I will continue to keep going to Michael while I travel nurse.

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Leah N. | ICU 5.0

Leah recommends Michael to others  
1 month ago

I spoke with several recruiters when I was first looking for a company to partner with. Mike called me back and was personable, informative and took the time to get to know me. We live in our RV and I was in need of a contract in a specific area. Mike took the time to find me several job options and helped walk me through the process. He always gets back to me in a timely manner and this has been a very positive experience. I highly recommend Mike and the team at Atlas Med Staff.

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Daniel G. | ICU 5.0

Daniel recommends Michael to others  
1 month ago

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Theresa E. | MedSurg 5.0

Theresa recommends Michael to others  
1 month ago

I've had Michael for a few years now and have enjoyed having him as my recruiter. I'm one of those travelers who does not need constant contact and Mike understands that. I told him when we first met I would rock his nerves when my contracts end but for 12 weeks after that, I would be his least of his worries. He promised to do his best to meet my needs and he has. When we DO talk we have POWER conversations. He is funny, smart, and empathetic. He understands my autonomy and that after traveling for many many years I don't need any more mugs nor socks or pens. He understands my Amazon affection and doesn't judge me. for it. He understands I despise paperwork. Listens and rolls his eyes (I'm sure of this because I would) and talks me through it. In all seriousness, he is an excellent recruiter and addresses problems quickly. Atlas as a whole has been very easy to work with. Join the club!

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Elsa W. | ER 5.0

Elsa recommends Michael to others  
1 month ago

Mike is hands-down the best recruiter I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He is always up front and honest and goes above and beyond to find the answers to my questions if he doesn't already know. Some times we chat on the phone, most of the time we text, and occasionally we go weeks without saying much-he follows my lead on this- but the minute I need him, he's right there for me. I've been working with Mike for years now and I don't have one complaint; he even puts up with my sass and occasional bad moods (thanks Mike ;) He is a kind, professional guy, very approachable, and I love working with him.

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Jenna B. | PACU 5.0

Jenna recommends Michael to others  
1 month ago

Michael has been great at helping me find a job that fits me and has offered advise on places he thought I wouldn’t be the best fit for me! Which I appreciate that.

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Christian D. | ICU 5.0

Christian recommends Michael to others  
1 month ago

Michael works really hard to accommodate you and find the perfect position. He listens, is friendly and flexible. I’ve worked with many recruiters, and Michael is by far one of the best ones.

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Danielle A. | ICU 5.0

Danielle recommends Michael to others  
1 month ago

Mike is very personable. He frequently checks in to make sure that things with our assignment are going well and checks to make sure we don't need anything.

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