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Angie Howard reviewed by Rachel H. | Global Learning and Development Director

Rachel recommends Angie to others ✓

I have truly enjoyed working with Angie so far in my process. She understands the HR and L&D industry and her clients. She has a great attitude and I believe she is a great partner. I look forward to working with her closely.
Tim Johnstad reviewed by VANDI T. | Director of HR

VANDI recommends Tim to others ✓

Tim created a very natural and engaging dialogue. He listened was empathetic and really made me feel empowered and excited about a long term partnerships with Versique. I had not yet disclosed my personal reasons and motivation to transition into the interim field and he made me feel comfortable and excited.
Darrin Olmscheid reviewed by Elizabeth O. | Independent Project Manager

Elizabeth recommends Darrin to others ✓

I found Darrin extremely easy and enjoyable to converse with. He was very quick to catch on to points I was making about the industry and Workday HCM 'post-implementation' environments specifically. I felt he was sincere in his interest to find a good match for both the client company and the prospect. Thanks for asking.
Colee Bean reviewed by Lisa O. | Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

Lisa recommends Colee to others ✓

Relief and validation are the feelings I stepped away with after a conversation with Colee. Through her questioning, I am confident she thoroughly knows what I am looking for. In the information she shared about the HR market, she knows her focused market and was able to provide consultation. What she shared about the job market relative my goals, expressed her understanding of the job search challenges have faced on my own. I feel very supported.
Colee Bean reviewed by Cindy N. | Sourcer/Recruiter

Cindy recommends Colee to others ✓

Colee has been a huge advocate for me. I’m on a tough assignment currently and she has been supportive and has acted on my best interests—to her own disadvantage. There is nothing I could recommend to improve the service level or relationship I have with Colee. I have no reservations referring my friends and colleagues to her.
Darrin Olmscheid reviewed by Renee B. | Human Resources Senior Vice President

Renee recommends Darrin to others ✓

Very insightful questions. His presence and personality are perfect for this role. What a great introduction to your firm. He is so genuine in his approach and takes the time to understand the candidate.
Paige Batcha reviewed by Jason P. | Finance Director - North American Operations Controller

Jason recommends Paige to others ✓

Very much appreciated Paige's approach as she was thoughtful, intentional, strategic, authentic - and she asked excellent questions to help get at specific interests and priorities. She also brought in Randy to the conversation to increase holistic support and approach. The level of thought leadership, professionalism, and initiative she brought to a simple intro meeting was differential.
Ann Boarman reviewed by Michael L. | Senior Executive - Strategic Leader

Michael recommends Ann to others ✓

Ann was very professional and friendly. She made me feel very at ease. She did a great job describing the various opportunities and models. She is a great representative for Versique.
Angie Howard reviewed by Robin P. | Human Resources Business Partner - Assistant Vice President

Robin recommends Angie to others ✓

Angie was very easy to talk to. She explained her background which was similar to mine which made it even more comfortable to connect. Angie followed through on her commitment to send me some information about two job opportunities. She had the info to me the same night. Angie was professional, relatable, kind and thorough! Great job Angie and thank you.
Ben DuPont reviewed by Gary K. | Senior Financial Consultant

Gary recommends Ben to others ✓

Ben has been the best recruiter I've ever worked with. He explained your process completely and in less than two days has already set me up with an interview with a great client (scheduled for Tuesday). I also appreciated the fact that he and Paige were willing to reschedule when I misunderstood the originally scheduled time and left them hanging at the first interview entirely through my own fault.
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