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Paul Bees reviewed by David I. | VP Commercial Lender

David recommends Paul to others ✓

Paul is truly an experienced industry leader in recruiting the commercial banking space in the Twin Cities. His knowledge, connections, persistence and guidance was very helpful in providing opportunities within my areas of expertise.
Ellie Kalb reviewed by Annie B. | Senior Marketing Manager

Annie recommends Ellie to others ✓

Ellie was extremely professional while still being personable. She was thoughtful, transparent and very helpful in guiding me throughout the entire experience.
Wes Lieser reviewed by Susan D. | Candidate

Susan recommends Wes to others ✓

Wes was clear & communicative, professional, and he provided a stress-free experience. Wes’ guidance and insights during the process were outstanding and unmatched compared to all my previous encounters with other agency and corporate recruiters.
Willie Pudvah reviewed by Andrew M. | VP Commercial Loan Officer - Mortgage Warehouse Funding

Andrew recommends Willie to others ✓

Willie was excellent in leading me through the interview process. He made feel comfortable going into each stage of the interview process, and was very relatable to me. I would definitely work with Willie in the future, if needed. Thanks Willie!!
Dave Lindstrom reviewed by Brian R. | Director of Construction

Brian recommends Dave to others ✓

Dave was excellent. He acted as the perfect bridge between his client and myself. I thought he did a great job of representing his client and identifying/promoting my strengths to his client. I'd love to work with Dave again in the future.
Jennifer Britton reviewed by REBECCA C. | Account Coordinator

REBECCA recommends Jennifer to others ✓

Jennifer was knowledgeable, kind, and enthusiastic during the entire process. She was able to provide clear answers to all of my questions and made the interview process quick and painless - I had an offer less than 2 hours after my interview and I couldn't be happier!
Angie Carson reviewed by Jadee K. | Human Resource Manager

Jadee recommends Angie to others ✓

Truly, Angie is an exceptional recruiter. She was on top of her game the entire time, and for once a recruiter that follows thru, which was greatly appreciated. Every time I contacted her, she responded instantly and when I was on the fence of a counter offer, her and I discussed everything through.
Brianna Kern reviewed by Fred S. | Mobile Development Consultant

Fred recommends Brianna to others ✓

Brianna was an absolute joy to work with. She was genuinely interested in helping me land a role with Gravie. She, quite literally, recruited me through LinkedIn. She successfully navigated me through the selection process. She found my profile which closely matched the needs that Gravie was looking for. She reached out to me to see if I was at least willing to look at the position. She connecting me with Gravie and scheduled me that first interview. She followed up with me on how the interviews went every time. I can only assume she did the same with Gravie. I can honestly say that I wouldn't have this new position if not for her.
Ali Jonswold reviewed by Shannon S. | Director of Workplace Experience

Shannon recommends Ali to others ✓

Ali was phenomenal to work with! She clearly understood my needs as a candidate and represented those needs to the hiring manager. Ali worked diligently to set me up for success and within a very short period of time, I received an offer for my dream job! I sincerely appreciate the entire team at Versique; my experience was exceptional! Thank you, Ali so much for your support! I highly recommend working with Ali and the partners at Versique!
Stacy May reviewed by Colin R. | VP, Marketing

Colin recommends Stacy to others ✓

Stacy was a trusted partner and valuable advisor throughout my entire recruitment and initial onboarding experience. As an experienced marketer, Stacy was able to clearly articulate the leadership role opportunity, and bridge the communication between the company and I. While Stacy represented the company, I felt that she was genuine in understanding my career and role desires and was sincere in communicating its alignment with the considered role. Our conversations, and the support she provided, played a key role in my decision to accept the role. I would highly recommend Stacy to others, and hope to work with her again in the future.
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