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Krislyn Williamson reviewed by Roy S. | Candidate

Roy recommends Krislyn to others ✓

Krislyn was awesome to work with and was very understanding of my needs and requests for the jobs that I was looking to get into. I really appreciate her also contacting all the jobs and doing her best to get me placed somewhere I will enjoy, and doing so in such a quick manner. Thanks Krislyn!
Austin Plew reviewed by Nick L. | Groups / Chartes Coordinator, reservations manager

Nick recommends Austin to others ✓

This has been the best experience I have had with any staffing agency ever. Austin was looking out for me from the first time we spoke. I feel indebted to him on so many levels for the hard work he did. Then when we finally meet and he has tattoos (that are covered as it is a work environment), I knew that my thoughts about him as a person were correct. He is a great person. Dedicated to his craft. Understood ALL of my concerns and allowed me to be 100% honest when it came to a job search. He was empathetic towards my current needs and challenges. He is incredibly humble as well which was a delight to witness and feel. He really cranked a home run and I am super grateful to call him a friend now!! If I ever am in a position that I need another position (hopefully never), I will be reaching out to him immediately!!!
Elijah Bautista reviewed by Jacob P. | Professional/ Managerial

Jacob recommends Elijah to others ✓

Although the job search has been frustrating and the job fairs I attended did not meet my needs, Elijah was a breath of fresh air. Although the needs of my search are not easily met, Elijah was great at providing honesty, transparency, and realistic expectations that could have added to my frustration. However, her approach delivering the information left me aware of what my expectations were and somehow still hopefully optimistic. At the conclusion of our discussion she suggested a position that more closely matched my needs and helped me get the ball rolling right away. The odds were not in our favor, yet I felt good about our discussion and the opportunity Elijah helped me find. Thank you for your sincere efforts, Jacob Percy
Alex Kison reviewed by Brekel D. | Candidate

Brekel recommends Alex to others ✓

Alex was very prompt and friendly with me during my interview and immediately found a job for me, she even offered to contact a job that I was looking into even though it seemed unsure if they had enough hours to cover a new employee. Very nice person.
Jamie Scheiner reviewed by Sandy H. | Candidate

Sandy recommends Jamie to others ✓

Jamie has been attentive with each encounter and was very pleasant and efficient on our phone call. I really appreciate her following through and responding to my messages quickly. Being a candidate seeking employment makes me vulnerable to a recruiter's integrity so I'm very thankful she seems to sincerely care about this application process for me.
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