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Adam Rowe reviewed by Sabrina B. | Candidate

Sabrina recommends Adam to others ✓

Wonderful! Very organized and informative team. Would highly recommend.
Colleen Delp reviewed by Jeffery V. | Delivery Driver

Jeffery recommends Colleen to others ✓

She understood clearly what I was looking for and she didn't try to offer me something outside of my preferences.
Zen Mateyka reviewed by Rebecca S. | Candidate

Rebecca recommends Zen to others ✓

Zen has been amazing with my job search
Amanda Williamson reviewed by Dustin W. | Candidate

Dustin recommends Amanda to others ✓

Pleasant to talk to very helpful wonderfull person
Luci Gray reviewed by Elijah F. | Candidate

Elijah recommends Luci to others ✓

Wonderful experience overall. She was very attentive and helpful. She is an amazing employee who truly cares about getting people recruited.
Nick Epps reviewed by PAUL B. | Candidate

PAUL recommends Nick to others ✓

All my time with Nick was pleasant and productive right from the start. Once he was aware that I have a history with Atlas I believe he relaxed and everything moved along like a well oiled machine. Every concern I had during the hiring process up to my first day of work was handled in a timely manner and taken care of. A pleasant experience and I will refer someone to nick once I'm comfortable with someone who I feel Nick would work with.
Mackenzie Foster reviewed by Joseph M. | Candidate

Joseph recommends Mackenzie to others ✓

Positive attitude and wonderful help!
Celena Romero reviewed by Donya M. | Candidate

Donya recommends Celena to others ✓

Lena is awesome and very knowledgeable. Great communication and feedback.
Celena Romero reviewed by Diana B. | Candidate

Diana recommends Celena to others ✓

Buena comunicaciĆ³n
Colleen Delp reviewed by tommy t. | Candidate

tommy recommends Colleen to others ✓

Colleen is a great recruiter for Atlas staffing, she is friendly, polite and very outgoing. She loves her job and made my day a whole lot better when I finally had a job to support my family and well being. She does her job with pride with the pandemic going on I'm glad to be working. Thanks to Colleen I know have a job to wake up to and work hard for something I cherish. Have a wonderful day
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