4.83 (85 reviews)

Jeremy Deng reviewed by Marilyn E. | Senior Programmer Analyst 5.0

Marilyn recommends Jeremy to others ✓

I really like Jeremy’s professionalism and his prompt responses to all my inquiries. I also like the way that he handled recruitment in that it wasn’t a hard sell, that he is desperate for you to take the position they are offering, hence, you won’t feel irritated or badgered in the process. I also like the fact that he followed up on my career choice after his placement of me.

Kim Kozak reviewed by Brenda S. | Business development manager 4.8

Brenda recommends Kim to others ✓

Kim was great to deal with. She was direct, honest and positive. I felt heard and respected immediately. Interesting to note that if I had seen the job posted I probably would have passed over it. Kim was able to connect the UNSPOKEN parts of the role with what my strengths are. She sold me to the employer and sold the role and employer to me. I’ve been in this role now for nearly a year and it’s exactly what I had interpreted it to be based on Kim’s intro about it. Another cool fact is I wasn’t really shopping for a new job! She found me. Best decision ever. Appreciate Kim’s professional skill in this connection.

Connor MacEachran reviewed by Raul B. | Senior Business Systems Analyst 5.0

Raul recommends Connor to others ✓

Connor’s communication skills and top notch, I’m also impressed with the timeliness of his replies and the clear and concise way he provides feedback and communicates next steps during the screening and hiring process.

Jeremy Deng reviewed by Ghasem N. | Senior Software Engineer 5.0

Ghasem recommends Jeremy to others ✓

Highly recommended. I worked with Jeremey and was greatly satisfied with his professional and friendly behaviour and frequent follow ups. Keep up the good work Jeremy :-)

Dean Stewart reviewed by Caprice W. | Business Analyst 5.0

Caprice recommends Dean to others ✓

Dean was by far the best recruiter I have worked with in my Analyst career to date. He reviewed my credentials, spoke with me to get a better understanding of what I was looking for and found me a great career match. He is open, honest, an excellent communicator and I really feel he listens to his clients. I look forward to working with Dean again in a few years when I am ready for career growth or movement in the IT industry. I highly recommend Dean to anybody who asks me if I have worked with a recruiter.

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